Proud To Be Samma Tribalism



     All Sindh Samma  Welfare Association (ASSWA) is a non governmental, non  profit  & non political development oriented organization operated  in  Sindh Pakistan. Our main areas of work are social sector,  social  mobilization and development of Education & health sectors. We strongly  believe  in community participation as a key factor in the samma unity.ASSWA is strongly committed towards wellbeing of our Samma Tribe surrounded by multiple social, financial and educational  problems.



  • To contribute in poverty alleviation through the Samma Unity.
  • Enhance literacy and quality education in our Samo families
  • Provide basic health facilities in all districts of Sindh
  • Empower samo families, especially youths  through unity formation, networked with each another for the  gross rout level help.
  • Facilitate mechanisms which promote tolerance, social  harmony and peace in society



                  Our Humble Prayers are...


        O Allah, our journey is long and the course is arduous but our aim is high. We may not change the society in our lifetimes but may initiate a positive change. An example for others to follow, as we are only accountable for what we can do, within our means, and lifetimes, be it a small candle that we may light to shine our limited surroundings.

       Our ultimate aim and objective is, the eternal abode in the kingdom of heavens. O Allah, bless our endeavors with acceptance and pave our way.